The Truth About Drugs in Our Drinking Water

The Truth About Drugs in Our Drinking Water


Author: Kevin Scott

I was enraged after reading about this.According to an article in the ONearth Online Literary Journal, traces of eighty two different contaminants were found in surface water all across the country. Different types of prescription drugs such as hormones, narcotics, and high blood pressure medication were found as well as fertilizers and other chemicals. These tests were conducted using highly sensitive testing equipment.

This was rather alarming to me so I decided to do some more research about the chemicals that may be in the water we drink, cook, and shower in every day. My findings led me to believe we need to seriously consider water filtration systems for our homes to protect us from the health hazards these chemicals could possibly cause. We should also think about the harm we are doing to the environment as a whole.

I found documented information on the internet about these chemicals, prescription drugs, fertilizers, and more in connection with our drinking water supply. The question is what is this free flow of toxins going into our ground water doing to the environment? If it continues, what problems will we have in the future?

Frogs have been found with too many legs and various other defects and strange abnormalities. Fish, amphibians, and plants that live in our waters are examples of the effect a polluted environment can have on the biological development of all life forms. It could be bad news for us because we drink and bathe in this water every day. We also consume the fish and plants that have absorbed these contaminates.

You may wonder, all this time, for decades mankind has been taking pharmaceuticals and using chemicals, there wasn't a problem before, why now? The answer is, it was only recently that the technology was available to even detect a few of these contaminates. Those responsible for the discovery include researchers form Europe, water testing facilities in the U.S. and students at a university who alerted the media and officials about their findings.

The chemicals found in low levels include hormones, estrogens, birth control, antibiotics, mood stabilizers, calcium blockers, and a host of other pharmaceuticals, pain killers, and over the counter medications.

Our bodies do not always absorb all the medicines we take, the rest is flushed down the toilet and makes its way back into our water supply. In addition to these, mercury, arsenic, PCB's, DDT, and DES are found with many new ones being discovered every year.

The frustrating thing about it is that they can all be removed; however the water plants either don't want to do it or do not have the money to do so. Our sewer water is filtered and treated with chemicals to make it safe to drink. The drugs, pesticides and other contaminates remain, in addition to the chemicals used to treat it.

The water is then sent back to us to drink and use or put back into the environment where it ends up in wells or lakes and streams.

We all need to try to find other ways to dispose of our unused medicine and also do all we can to get our water fit for us to drink and use. We will need to filter our own water that we use to keep us safe from the hazards that may be present in the water we drink.

Several water filtration systems are on the market today filter out 99% or more of the contaminants in our water. These water filtration systems can be installed in whole home systems and at the source such as shower heads, drinking water faucets, and other inlets.

The reverse osmosis, nano-filtration, activated carbon, and home distillation are highly recommended because they are the most effective in removing the most contaminates. The next one down the line is the membrane filters, these must be installed properly and changed regularly or they will lose their effectiveness.

You need to have your water tested at a testing facility or buy your own test kit to use at home. You should test your water at regular intervals to confirm that your filter is working properly.

Kevin Scott is a passionate advocate of living a healthy lifestyle and a researcher of water purification systems. See his site now at to find which water filtration systems Kevin recommends after numerous comparisons.

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