Step by Step Way to Quit Smoking

Step by Step Way to Quit Smoking


Take a deep breath and think about your health. Do you recognize how far you've come to Quit Smoking? Really now, how do you see it as already on the way? Let's look at the steps you've already taken.

Step One: You've become conscious of the idea that cigarettes are not good for you, and you want to Quit Smoking. This is a big step, to listen to others or even listen to your self.

Step Two: That awareness that you want to kick the habit is not a new thought, is it? No, you've thought about it. You've thought about it a lot. There is a part of you that likes that habit, but a bigger part of you has stepped in. Listen to the bigger part.

Step Three: You're looking at the options. Some people might say you're looking for an easy way out. Why not? Who said you have to make it any more difficult? So where are you now? Look at this, you are on the internet, reading an article to help you Kick the Habit. Can you see how far you've already traveled to reach that point when you can Quit Smoking?

What's the next step? I'm glad you asked, there are so many things you can do for yourself in your journey out of the old patterns, and into the new.

Here are three more steps to Quit Smoking:

Next Step #1: Be kind to yourself, and be proud of who you are. Do you want to step into a place that makes you feel like you've been doing something bad? Bring your focus to feeling good about who you are right now.

Next Step #2: Separate the habit from the experiences. That means facing those things that frustrate you or hurt you in any way with some other means than the habit.

Next Step #3: Learn to communicate. This is a part of empowerment #2, but goes deeper. Learn to express those thoughts within yourself, and if you can't resolve things in your own mind, try your heart. If you're still feeling stuck then talk with someone else.

Recognize your steps, they may seem small but each one takes you closer to your goal. Look how far you have come in your quest to

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