MMS Cancer Protocol... Miracle Mineral Solution From Jim Humble

Miracle Mineral Solution From Jim Humble

Jim Humble is Telling if MMS will Help the Cancer - and about MMS Cancer Protocol


Jim Humble can tell you this because he does not sell MMS - Miracle Mineral Solutio... "Here is something your doctor will never tell you. There has been a medical test for cancer that is 99% effective for more than 25 years. It is more effective, less dangerous and cheaper than all other medical cancer tests. It's called AMAS cancer test. You don't have to go to a doctor; the test is available on the Internet. The cost is $165. The kit is free . . . you take a smear of your own blood and send it in and pay when the results are ready. The test is for specific cancer antibodies that will be present. Go to I have no financial interest whatsoever.

You can get an idea if the MMS - Miracle Mineral Solution - will handle the problem by evaluating the nausea. That is, if you start out at, say, one drop or even 1/2 drop, and it does not make you nauseous and then you begin to increase the drops twice a day (once in the morning and once in the evening). That is, if 1/2 drop doesn't make you nauseous in the morning, then in the evening or late afternoon try one full drop. Then the next morning take two drops, and in the evening 3 drops. Sooner or later the number of drops is going to make you nauseous. You then take a drop or two less the next dose for a time or two and continue to increase the drops. You are always looking for the nauseous point, taking less for a time or two and then attempting to take more.

You will be able to know if it is going to help you if you can continue to pass the nausea point and increase the drops. What is happening is that when nausea hits, some of the cancer has been destroyed, and it is now a poison that the body can clear out. The body can clear this poison out, but it might generate some nausea in the process, or diarrhea or even vomiting. That's not bad. The idea is that as the cancer is destroyed, the body must clean out the poisons. As the cancer is destroyed, the body can tolerate more and more drops. That's the indicator. Is the body being able to tolerate more and more drops? If you find that you finally can increase the drops without getting nauseous, it is an indicator that the body is doing its job.

In the case of cancer, you have to work at it. You start out slowly, but increase quickly. At first you might just take the drops twice a day, but as you find you can do it twice a day without nausea, then increase to three times a day, and then four, and even as much as five times a day.

What would indicate that you are not getting well is if the body got nauseous every time you take a dose no matter what amount it is, and the body never seems to be able to increase the doses without nausea. If you can take, say, two drops at a time without nausea, and you get nausea when you go to three drops, you may have to tolerate the nausea for a short time; but if the nausea always occurs when you take three drops, it shows that you are not gaining on the cancer. That can happen if the cancer is growing faster than the MMS-Miracle Mineral Solution - is killing it.

There is, however, always hope. One way would be instead of increasing the number of drops, increase the number of times that you take drops during the day. There are other items that can help. Never, however, in any case stop taking the MMS.

So if there is an indication that one is not improving, I suggest the following. Purchase some Indian Herb from Kathleen in Texas. It costs $60 a vial, and that is plenty. (Phone 806-647-1741) She has a thousand letters from people who have been helped. She and her father have been selling the Indian Herb for over 60 years. When you get this, use it with the MMS - Miracle Mineral Solution to get the best results.

The AMAS cancer test listed above gives anyone a fantastic advantage. One can do a test, use the MMS - Miracle Mineral Solution for several weeks or a month and then do a second test to see how much improvement has taken place or to see if any improvement has happened at all.

When I mention drops of MMS - Miracle Mineral Solution, I always mean add 5 times that many drops of lemon, lime, or citric acid solution, wait three minutes and then add 1/3 to 2/3 glass of water or juice and drink. Never use MMS without the addition of lemon, lime, or citric acid solution; or in an emergency if you have no citric acid, use vinegar. Use only apple, grape, or pineapple juice without added vitamin C or ascorbic acid.

Jim Humble, the developer of MMS - Miracle Mineral Solution

MMS - Miracle Mineral Solution Article - Compiled by TM, 2008, for your natural health and education in returning to wellness.

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