Are Magnesium Deficiencies Causing Poor Health?

These articles intend to foster the understanding of the need for magnesium in all areas of our health care.

It has been known and published since 1915 that Magnesium chloride is needed by our bodies in almost every system and is grossly underutilized in medicine and natural health care.


Magnesium deficiency is everywhere and can solve many health problems -- Article is Specifically geared to discussing the superior benefits of the best quality magnesium chloride from the sea, and its use as a topical/transdermal application as opposed to oral products, which present many problems for absorption into our bodies and a longer time to bring magnesium levels up from deficiency states.

Can body imbalances be caused by lack of Magnesium salt?

Magnesium deficiencies are being implicated in many conditions including cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, fibromyalgia, autism, ADHD, psychiatric and other behavior disorders, sexual dysfunctions, pain management, sleep problems, restless leg syndrome, PMS, Alzheimer's, in pregnancy, dental problems and more. Recent information shows over 68% are deficient in magnesium, more if disease is present. Magnesium may be the "missing link" between good health and sub-optimal health.

The body will not overdose on transdermal application of Magnesium Chloride. The body only takes in the amount it needs.

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Subtle Energy shows you how to restore the lack of Magnesium for building strong bones and restoring health

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