Clairvoyant Readings and Self Awareness

When there is mention of a clairvoyant reading many of us think of crystal balls, tarot, and future predictions. "Will I meet my life partner soon", or "Am I getting a promotion at work" are some of the questions asked during a reading.


Clairvoyant readings are not always focused on a snapshot of the future. Readings, also known as psychic readings or spiritual readings, can also give us insight into our dreams, visions, and life path. According to clairvoyant counselor and medical intuitive Estee Taschereau: "Readings sessions can spotlight one option in your future, and focusing on only one possibility rarely serves us in the long run. Isn't it better to focus on your ability to know your own options, and bring in the support and recognition of your own person power? Clairvoyant readings are about your spiritual information and connection to source, your self awareness."

Every clairvoyant reader has their own style, and their skills and clarity vary. In addition, every reading they give will have unique qualities, for each of us have our own life interpretations and direction.

How then do you choose for your clairvoyant reading? "Great question!", Estee states, with a smile and a spark in her eyes. "Many of my clients come to me through referrals, usually by their friends who have had readings from me. If you are uncertain of the style of the reader, ask questions before you schedule so that you have a better understanding of what they offer. You can also check for a website, or you may find that reader at an event and might have the opportunity to hear or see them in action."

What purpose does a reading serve? "Most readings are informational, and that means that the reader watches the images you present, spiritually, while you ask your question. Many times the information given in a reading help the recipient get a clearer, more complete picture of their question. Call it 'connect the dots' or 'clarification', we often step into a more empowered state of self awareness when we have a clearer picture of our life lessons. I have seen some amazing changes come about for a person during their reading. To see the glimmer of light within their eyes, and hear the excitement in their voice when they have that 'ah-ha' moment is more valuable than anything else I have ever known.""

Self awareness through clairvoyant readings: It's all about getting the bigger, spiritual picture.

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