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Start your day with a simple exercise? Would you consider spending only11 minutes every morning stretching and aligning your body?


Great nutritionists say that Break-fast should happen at noon! Instead of pouring out a box of cereal in a bowl of sugar, and adding homogenized milk - would you be willing to think about preparing a healthy breakfast meal? You might actually be willing to spend 6 minutes sitting in meditation with a single point focus.

By making better choices for your life activities you can improve your level of energy and have a better focus for the entire day.

**You will feel better, and see your life improve for the better.

**Success seems easier when you start the day on purpose and in a health way.

**You set the scale for the day and success rolls your way.

Meditation, simple stretching and contemplation on success -- Using only 16 short minutes in the morning your whole day will be better aligned with Source energy and you started the day off by making the best choice for your body's health.

Why does this seem relatively impossible for many people?

Get up early and exercise. Do you think because you get that extra sixteen minutes of sleep (no matter how poor the quality) then you can grab junk food quick to eat (no matter how poor the quality) to possibly beat a little traffic in order to make it into work.

How is this working for you? You are tired and suffering from the ups and down of artificial high, such as sugar in the cereal, coffee with sugar when you arrive at work, and totally missing your connection to your inner peace. Sugar feeds Candida. If this person's life sounds like your life, well you are part of the 70 percent of the population.

"No person, place, or thing can give you happiness. These things, people or places may give you cause for happiness and a feeling of contentment, but the Joy of Living on Purpose comes from within."

Take just 16 minutes a day to sit quietly and meditate. Decide what single point your would like to focus on. To experience the Joy of Living a purposeful Life, you must make time to go within and give life a chance to balance out. To further enhance your life check out Reiki energy work and Try learning the One Command! Download The One Command - going to Theta to change your life

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Compiled by TM October 2008 – for your health and wellness.

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