Using Fish Oil Can Give You A Lifetime of Advantages

Using Fish Oil Can Give You A Lifetime of Advantages


Author: Samantha Jackson

Research has constantly proven that fish oil contains omega 3 fatty acids, and its benefits can last for a lifetime.

What are the advantages of using fish oil?

For starters, fish oil can reduce the possibility of developing Alzheimer\'s disease. It aids in optimum brain development, making you achieve higher IQ scores. Problems with depression and headaches are also reduced, so with arthritis pain. It can help protect against heart diseases, diabetes, prostate and breast cancer and many more health problems.

We should know that both men and women need sufficient amounts of EPA and DHA. Both are vital factors that contribute to a healthy pregnancy. Women need the omega 3 fatty acids for healthy egg cell production and men for healthy sperm cells.

During the time of gestation, omega 3 fatty acids are needed for baby\'s brain development. Our brain is made up of long chain omega 3 fatty acids such as DHA. There is around 70% of it in a baby\'s brain and more than 60% in an adult, and fish has been reputed to be a food for the brain.

Balanced ratios of DHA and EPA which can be found in 1200mg of pure omega 3 fish oil is highly recommended by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as a supplement for pregnant and nursing women.

A daily dosage of at least 1000 mg pure omega 3 fish oil is also recommended to other adults by the NIH. Want to know the reason why? Have a look at these results.

Scientific tests showed that the EPA and DHA in fish oil effectively prevent inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, ulcerative colitis, cystitis and other painful inflammatory disorders.

Although fish oil does not necessarily cure the said diseases, it does give safe and natural relief to the said health problems without side effects.

Heart disease may be prevented with the help of DHA and EPA. Research shows that it helps in regulating blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It also helps in preventing arrhythmia and blood clot which causes stroke and leads to cardiac arrest.

Lastly, reports show that a diet supplemented regularly with omega 3 fish oil helps prevent Alzheimer\'s and increases the chances of patients who are terminally ill with cancer to have a higher survival rate and a much better quality of life.

Indeed you can see that omega 3 fatty acids when taken regularly as a supplement to our diet can have a positive effect to our health, on the other hand, a lack of omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil can lead to health problems like pre-menstrual syndrome, depression, schizophrenia, violence and suicide.

It is really bothering to know what a large number of the population of America is deficient with these fatty acids. The survey showed more than 85% of them are deficient and also a large percentage among pregnant and lactating, 98% at that are getting less than 18% of the recommended NIH amount for them.

But there is one more shocking revelation; around 20% of the population of America has very low DHA and EPA, which are the two omega 3 fatty acids. Test results would reveal no traces of DHA and EPA in their blood.

You now have the chance not to have this deficiency. You can start eating fatty fish like herring, tuna, salmon, sardines, and anchovies. It would also be good to take in high quality and pure fish oil as a daily dietary supplement.

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