Pet Care Using EFT

Pet Care Using EFT


What is this EFT? Emotional Freedom Technique is an easy to use tool in pet care and pet health. The technique, known as EFT, works on the premise of the chinese meridian system, and can be successfully used by a surrogate with the intent on aiding and healing a pet or even wild animal. Would your dog or cat benefit form EFT? Read on to learn more...

The same principles are used as using EFT for yourself: EFT starts by identifying a key phrase to pinpoint the problem or cause. Muscle testing is used to test the effectiveness of the phrase as well as rate the problem on a scale of 1 to 10. Writing down the phrase and rating is recommended since tapping using EFT can instantly release the problem.

Once the phrase is determined and muscle testing is complete, the tapping begins. The tapping is done by the person on themselves, with the pet identified in the key phrase. The concept behind this is that through focus the healing benefit is transferred energetically to the pet. The person doing the tapping procedures also benefits by releasing any energy blocks they too may have.

Once the phrase is determined and muscle testing is complete, the tapping begins. Each EFT tapping point is tapped on in succession while focusing on the key phrase. Additional muscle testing is then performed to guage the releasing process. More tapping may be required to fully release the cause, and changes to the phrase is recommended for a more in-depth clearing.

Seeing the benefits of pet care using EFT is amazing. Pets cannot comprehend the placebo effect, and cannot psychologically think any treatment has been effective, it either works, or it doesn't. I have seen many cases where an animal is calmed or healed using EFT. Your dog or cat will benefit from EFT.

The EFT techniques are easy to learn and use by young and old alike. There are no special tools, and little time is needed for a tapping session. Some support from an EFT or counseling specialist may be needed in identifying key phrases or complex situations, but for the most part you can enhance your pet care and health of your dog, cat, bird, or other pets by using EFT.

Author Estee Taschereau is a Reiki Master, EFT Coach and Intuitive Counselor, offering sessions by phone.

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