Calcium Along with Magnesium Chloride Will help Build Strong Bones... Calcium Alone Does Not Reduce Hip Fractures

Calcium Alone Does Not Reduce Hip Fractures

Science News: "A recent analysis of several studies found no reduction in risk of hip fracture with calcium supplementation by itself, as reported by

"Hip fractures are the most frequent and severe fractures among the elderly, and experts estimate the average cost of care at $29,000 per patient. Increased calcium intake is still commonly recommended as a single fracture prevention strategy.

"According to authors of the analysis, future studies of fracture prevention should focus on the best combination of calcium plus vitamin D, rather than on calcium supplementation alone." END of Story.

one of the best kept secrets for increasing bone density is a topical application of Magnesium chloride. Magnesium chloride is only highly used in naturopathic medicine but in the world of allopathic medicine where it is used in emergency rooms to save lives.

Book Review: Transdermal Magnesium Therapy by Dr. Mark Sircus

"Magnesium is the single most important mineral for maintaining proper electrical balances and facilitating smooth metabolism in the cells," from the book Transdermal Magnesium Therapy, by Mark Sircus, Ac., O.M.D.

This is actually an exciting medical discovery, that magnesium, one of the most common and most necessary nutritional minerals is an incredibly fast acting, safe and effective medicine. It was discovered in 1915 after years of testing. Why don't we know about this discovery?

Breaking News: Osteoporosis- Use of calcium with Vitamin D (fish oil is a good source for vit D) to enhance calcium absorption without a balancing amount of Mg causes further Mg deficiency, which triggers a cascade of events leading to bone loss. So, we need the magnesium for balancing the use of calcium. More health information - Magnesium Chloride Oil supply

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