What are the best foods to fight candida that raise the ph level in your blood?

Some suggestions from the CureZone.com: Avoid things that cause an acid environment: protein, artificial sweeteners, low-fat starches (including flours) and fruit, milk/dairy, even excess exercise.

Veggies are the best thing for alkalinity, especially dark, leafy greens and crucifurous (broccoli, cabbage). Easiest way to eat more veggies is to take a Super Green food like the one from Garden of Life. Juice a cabbage in combo with other veggies for better flavor - it's really great.

Apples are okay, as they are very very balanced, as are lemons especially when fasting, and cherries. Many fruits are fine IF they are eaten by themselves and not in combination with other foods. It's best to avoid them completely if candida is a real problem, then slowly re-introduce them and see how you feel.

What about wild fish and organic chicken? I have read in some places that they are OK to eat. What about seafood or turkey? I am asking because we all need some protein and is difficult for me to picture a diet without some fishmeat.

Fish is excellent, especially salmon, trout, steelhead trout, mackeral, swordfish, tuna/albacore. Be sure to eat it with green veggies and you won't upset your PH very much at all. fish should only be eaten 1-2 times a week due to high levels of mercury. Farm raised can be eaten more often.

Chicken is only slightly okay, because we tend to eat too much of it. Variety is best. If you don't usually eat turkey, go for it, just try to get good, organic turkey like Shelton.

Recreational food? -- Not used for a healthy diet! Seafood as in shellfish is no good. Shrimp, for instance, is completely made out of cholesterol. Shellfish should only be eaten on rare occasions like when celebrating.

Additional comments: Since I have blood type O positive, I still eat red meat. I've just learned to eat only very high quality, and only to eat it about 1-2 times a week, and never mix it with potatoes or other starchy veggies. As long as you don't have protein EVERY day, and eat plenty of green veggies, your body can easily maintain a higher PH level. The mistake most people make is trying to eat the entire food pyramid every single day! LOL!

Another's comments: I have also blood type O positive. What does this mean for candida? What implications does this have on the candida diest? Does it mean we can eat more meat? What are starchy veggies?

Thank you for all the clarifications. I am learning so much!!!

Another Candida question from the cure zone: Hmm... implications for candida diet... none that I can think of, are you following the anti-candida diet as laid out in the Yeast Connection Cookbook? That one was designed by William Crook who really understands what feeds yeast and what doesn't. He only goes a bit overboard in saying we shouldn't eat any fermented foods or condiments, but he never said don't eat meat, just not the overly fat, prepared, salted meats such as salami, sausage and bacon.

What O Positive blood means in general is that our systems are designed to digest animal proteins very easily, but wheat very poorly. That means switching to alternative grains like Quinoa, Oats, Buckwheat, even Teff and Amaranth. This is perfectly in accord with the anti-candida diet. I'm also severely sensitive to tomatoes, which are so acidic I think they should be avoided by most types.

Starchy veggies are: potatoes, corn; dry beans, green peas, lentils; winter squash; yams, sweet potatoes.

I still eat sweet potatoes and green peas and only rarely eat the rest (when I'm being good anyway ;) ) I'm just careful to make an entire meal out of a sweet potato, I don't eat it with anything else. A large one is a pretty substantial meal anyway! :) END

A question from Paul -- found on the CureZone.com

Hi all,

I have good reason to believe that I am experiencing symptoms of candida overgrowth and I'm hoping you folks can help me out.

It started in December last year when I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and have been pretty much on some form of antibiotics since then. The symptoms seemed to clear up but I wasn't convinced that it was Lyme (rare in Australia) and now they are coming back. Blood tests for Lyme all came back negative. I'm currently on Amoxil, 6 tablets a day and it's not doing much to the symptoms I'm experiencing so I don't believe it's a Lyme relapse.

(Note from the editor: "Person after Person has Lyme Disease and their medical doctors are not finding it." Kevin Trudeau's More Natural "Cures" Revealed about previously censored brand name products that cure disease.)

Before I was diagnosed with Lyme I had x-rays, CT scans etc and nothing showed up. Nothing too abnormal in my blood tests except elevated liver stuff.

Recently, I did the candida questionnaire on http://www.cassia.org and I marked extremely high so I'm pretty confident its candida.

I'll rattle off my symptoms and see if you think its candida.

1. Itching in certain areas (groin mostly)

2. Abdominal/Groin pain - often before a movement and penis/testicular/prostate pain

3. Urinary frequency

4. Vision problems (blurry, sometimes like a white film covers it and if I blink it goes away) 5. Fatigue & Mental dullness 6. Dizziness (weird dizziness, its like my body loses balance for a second and recovers) 7. Throat pain (sore throat, windpipe pain) 8. Ear pain & Sinus problems 9. Recurrent chest infections & shortness of breath (I do smoke but am trying to give up - I haven't smoked long enough to get infection after infection according to my GP - smoked for 18 months) 10. Geographic tongue & Teeth pain (had my GP stumped for a little while, basically my tongue gets cracks in it and normally first thing in the morning I get whitish patches)

11. Tremors in hand(occasionally) 12. Joint pain / Back pain ( the back pain is like the joint where the ribs and back meet....some days its excruciating)

They're the main symptoms...there are more little niggly ones but I can't think of em right now.

My GP put me on Nilstat tablets for a 2 week course in May and it didn’t seem to stem it too much but from what I've read on the Internet, if candida is the cause of these symptoms I dare say its very bad.

Well...I'm spent :-) But I really would like your feedback. I'm planning on seeing my GP and a naturopath this week so any ammo you can give me to fire at them would help.

Kind Regards


One forum member commented here on Candida symptoms:

Dear Paul,

I had symptoms similar, tho' not as severe. A bowel test showed mild candida. My Dr. prescribed garlic, grapefruit seed extract, starving the candida by a 15gram carb-a-day diet for a minimum of 6 months. There are other herbs and stuff I take, but that is mainly it. If it doesn't' go away, you may have to go on a 10 month or more regimine of anti-fungal drugs. There is Sporonox (sp?), Lamisile (sp?) and one that starts with a "D" for elimination of fungus. Same drugs used for nail fungus, vaginal yeast, sporatricosis, etc. It's pretty funky and most Dr.'s aren't up to speed with it. A homeopathic Dr. would be your best bet, anyway, in my experience after at least 6 different doctors. You just can't find any good help these days! 8-) ! Good Luck! END

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