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alternative Health Proposal


NOTE: this health proposal has merit! It is all written out and if you like, you may edit, copy it for your state and start a campaign for you citizens to have even more freedoms of choice in your state.

Thanks to "Joubert for Governor" who has put years of study into these ideas -- planting seeds for improvement. I hope they grow in your heart to the point that you will want to share "freedom to Live Free" with other. Educate yourself and your friends... knowledge will set you free!

If our "driven" and divisive materialistic Civilization is responsible for all these sicknesses and ailments, we then need to change Civilization.

Moreover, with twelve measures of the Health proposals chronic diseases (including but not limited to chronic stress, cardio-vasucular events, cancer and obesity) would be reduced by at least 50 percent in four years.

As a result, in addition to reaping health, happiness and meaningfulness, Washingtonians would save multi-billions dollars in resources while catalyzing the rest of the Nation to follow suit.

There is nothing inevitable about these civilization diseases.

Tens of thousands of suffering Washingtonian patients are misled each week to believe that there is only allopathy (i.e., modern medicine, meaning prescribed drugs and surgery) that is the scientifically proven standard of care.

It is not. Take the money, the waste, the negligence and the dogmas out of our health-care and-or sickness system and public health would dramatically improve. For the Action Plan's measures that could challenge present policies and contribute in solving related problems, please see Section 1 (left column) measures 1 to 12.



The health care systems in the United States and to a lesser extent in Washington State are plagued by rising costs and declining insurance coverage, misguided in its treatment plans and maintains and-or causes sickness rather then health. One in seven of our dollars goes into this endless vortex. Our State Legislature and the US Congress have considered ways to bolster (i.e. "band-aid) the system, including reforming private insurance, encouraging medical savings accounts, providing financial assistance, and reforming medical malpractice. As the evidence shows, nothing works. We therefore need some "savoir-faire" from another type of medicine, from Holistic Health. The candidate will use his naturopathy, European and legal expertise to reduce chronic diseases and stress by over fifty percent in 4 years. If the People and the State Legislature really wish this result.

My first measure will therefore focus on that which is the most precious of all of our internationally recognized human rights, without which our other constitutional rights are meaningless : our right to be healthy and in a state of well-being as provides the U.N.'s World Health Organization's Constitution: body, mind and Spirit. (Please see quote on top of homepage). If elected, within the six months of the beginning of my mandate, the following will be diligently put in place. 1. An emergency task force to examine the People's health and toxicity level. These proposed toxicity tests (via hair analyzes, dark-field microscope "live" results, blood draws and other techniques) will be free of charge to all Washingtonians who can not afford them. There will be no obligation to take these tests. Just a public service to better demonstrate to all why we now have over 40 auto-immune diseases, an epidemic of mental illnesses and why cancer has taken the place of cardio-vascular events as the number one killer.

1.2. Once the evidence that better explains why cancer, autism and dozens of auto-immune diseases have surfaced is better shown, an executive order which will be solemnly proclaimed and activated. This is "the holistic health access emergency executive order" (CLICK HERE TO GET A FEEL OF WHAT MAY BE COMING, executive orders are the Governor's emergency tools pending Legislative action and pursuant to the Governor's mandate).

1.3. Once Washingtonians will have better understood that health maintenance is simple and not expensive, once healing energies are better expressed, candidate Christian will activate the legislative health package which will be the decisive cornerstone to the holistic and Spiritual Civilization in gestation (See the Vision statement for the details).

The proposed health plan is based on a three pronged structure which will leave no Washington without effective health-care.

A. First holistic health access for all via education, workshops, holistic treatment plans. This plan will be financed both by private “preventive” pro active insurance companies (under the guidance of the State's Insurance Commissioner who oversees these things) and State public expenditure.

B. Second, a universal and comprehensive (from maternal care to hospice) for all based on the 50 years French model, (and completed with the Swedish, Swiss and Canadian experiences). This service will be paid by the State (with its extra funds, see below) for the no and low income class, will be comfortably affordable for mid-income class and a bit more expensive for the wealthy).

C. Third, a system inspired from what the US Congress members enjoy and which will be associated to the Obama medical Plan. If he is elected. If not, we will try to convince the Republican president to abide by the People's will.

In this perspective, PART A of this plan is hinged to the free and-or comfortably affordable access to holistic medicine and the active legislative promotion of our fundamental freedom to choose different health-care techniques and approaches (i.e., what Science has shown to work such as naturopathy, energy medicine, oxygen therapies (including, but not limited to the hyperbaric oxygen chamber and ozone therapies), aromatherapy, phyto-therapy, homeopathy, physical therapies, chiropractic, Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic health care, electro-therapy, reiki, far infra-red sauna therapy, a piece of evidence of which can be examined by CLICKING HERE etc.).

Financially, this system works as follows: All participants in this program would pay a monthy "pro-active" insurance fee provided the beneficiaries physical and mental health is maintained. When the patient becomes sick and dis-eased, (physically or mentally) he or she would be entitled to cease paying the monthly fee. The fee will be free for low income (paid by the State whose agents have an interest in avoiding chronic diseases), higher (but comfortably affordable) for mid-income residents and more expensive for the wealthy. There would be a sliding scale free starting at 20 dollars a month to 200 or so dollars a month. Or more for those who willingly destroyed their health via tobacco, fast foods or whatever. The Chinese millennium ago used to have a similar system, as well as some other clinics and when well organized, this system works well and Society benefits greatly. Hence, the physician will have the incentive to keep his or her patient in good health, which means he will be a lifestyle doctor teaching his clients how to be healthy (i.e. how to awaken the healing energies within).

1.4. In this context, a "holistic healer legal status" bill needs to be passed so that training, certification and accountability can be ensured. The fact that a large segment of the population consults with a holistic healer confirms the need to legislate in this field: "The popularity of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is considerable: the one year prevalence of CAM usage is 42 percent in the United States” (Eisenberg David et al, Trends in alternative medicine use in the United States. JAMA 1998:280:1569-75).There is only one danger or risk in this medecine. Bankrupting pharmaceutical companies and allopathic physicians (unless health professionals convert to evidence-based holistic and lifestyle medicine). But before this happens, the State (e.g. the attorney general under the governor's aegis) will enrich the People's Treasury by orchestrating class action suits against those pharmaceuticals whose directors willingly and-or negligently put into the market place products that destroyed health (e.g viox which killed over 50,000 American patients, among many other drugs).

1.5. All children will need to have not only health care coverage, but also access to holistic health. We must begin this program with the Youth, as this is when life habits are formed. Young adults will also be required to get coverage, including allowing youth up to age 25 to continue coverage through their parents' plans.

2. PART TWO of the Action Plan's Health Plan is based on the crystallization of a comprehensive and universal health care system, European style, with a single payer, the State.. This system will address the needs of all of those patients who decline the easy way to health (via holistic medicine). It will be hinged on a publicly financed prevention based system and be modeled on the best of what works in France, Canada, Sweden and Switzerland.

To sum up, this phase two of the Action Plan would invest in a cost-efficient, publicly-funded, universal health care program based on prevention and good lifestyle promotion, and emphasizing better nutrition, physical exercise, more sunlight, meditation and stress reduction, reduced exposure to toxins and increase of detox and the promotion of alternative and complementary medicine (cam), natural medicine and holistic health. Most European countries have not only recognized and established the legal status of these medicines, but cover them in their access to health system. France's government has been paying for acupuncture, hot sulfur water spa retreats and homeopathy since 1945 while the Swiss government covers reiki, massage and yoga as preventive medicine.

We need less governmental regulations on "health freedoms" and more free market energy on this problem. In our current system, there are thousands of different payers of health care fees. This system is a bureaucratic nightmare, wasting $350 billion—close to a third of all health care spending on things that have nothing to do with health care—overhead, underwriting, billing, sales and marketing departments, huge profits and exorbitant executive pay. In addition, there is over $200 billion in computerized billing fraud and abuse.

2.1. Once the Tobacco and recklessness taxes are pouring in, the State will be in a better position to cover the health-care costs of all low-income Washingtonians and partial costs of the mid-income and upper class whose members are having financial difficulty to meet this basic need. For other financial sources, including a small payroll participation, CLICK HERE.

2.2. Because Europe and France have over 50 years of experience with comprehensive, holistic and universal medicine (in France, homeopathy, acupuncture and hot springs spas have been paid by the State since 1946), this Plan will use the French payment and recording technique called "carte vitale", whereby all prescribed medication (including different supplements and homeopathic products) are paid via a mouse click on the Carte Vitale system.

2.3. PART THREE: For those Washingtonians who can afford expensive mainstream health coverage payment and decline holistic health and the European-Canadian model, from the successful mid to upper income residents, including the self-employed and small businesses, to the mega-millionaires, the Third option will be a more mainstream approach and connected to the Federal plan candidate Barak Obama has proposed, basing it action mechanism on the members of the US Congress Plan.

2.3.1. The Comprehensive benefits that are included in this plan will be similar to that offered through Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP), the plan members of Congress have. The plan will cover all essential medical services, including preventive, maternity and mental health care. The premiums will be affordable. Individuals and families who do not qualify for Medicaid or SCHIP (State Children's Health Insurance Program) but still need financial assistance will receive the income-related federal subsidy to buy into the new public plan or purchase a private health care plan.

2.3.2. Participants in the new public plan will be able to move from job to job without jeopardizing their health care coverage. For this Plan to work, the State will need to coordinate policies with Obama, provided he gets elected. If he does not, the expensive conventional private insurance system will prevail.

2.4. Seventy five percent of total health care dollars are spent on patients with one or more chronic conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. We therefore need to use proven disease management programs. This will improve quality of care, give doctors better information and lower costs. . There will be new rules to that physicians will come to the home site, contrarily to the present Washingtonian medical practice. Liability and assumption of risks issues will be ironed out so as to make it safe for all parties concerned to heal and to be heal under good conditions.

In this perspective, the Action Plan's General Health Plan will include new rules on full transparency about quality and costs. Hospitals and providers must collect and publicly report measures of health care costs and quality, including data on preventable medical errors, nurse staffing ratios, hospital-acquired infections, and disparities in care. Health plans will also be required to disclose the percentage of premiums that go to patient care as opposed to administrative costs. Hospitals that eliminate infections should receive bonuses. In the mainstream, if insurance companies paid 20% more for patients in (intensive-care units) where there were no infections, they'd cut costs substantially.

3. Third set of measures: New rules must be voted upon so that medical ethics boards can better integrate integrative medicine and innovative science within the mainstream. To this end, new standards of care based on Science and new health-care positions need to be integrated. In oncology for example, toxicologists, naturopaths and immuno-therapists must be part of the treatment team. In this field, a special ethics drug team needs to be institutionalized via Statute, whose mandate will be to review the FDA's science and policies and uphold the European “precautionary principle” whereby all dubious drugs released in the health market will first need to be genuinely proven effective and non toxic before being approved for human consumption. Ethical rules should also be codified against animal scientific experimentation (torture), all of which are not necessary for question of health restoration and maintenance.

4. New Laws need to be enacted so that the financial health incentive structure based on education and prevention will reward the physician and the health practitioners at least as much as the actual treatment plan. In this context, diet will be a priority. The inventor Edison did proclaim: "The physician of tomorrow will base the cure on food".

4.1. Because both public and private insurers tend to pay providers based on the volume of services provided, rather than the quality or effectiveness of care, a new rule will be codified so that providers will be rewarded for achieving performance thresholds on outcome measures. New rules will also be drafted in order to strengthen antitrust laws, if only to prevent insurers from overcharging physicians for their malpractice insurance and strengthen the doctor-patient relationship.

5. A Declaration on the rights of patients and duties of health-care needs to be proclaimed and posted in all health buildings. In this context, new rules are needed in order for the patient to better participate in the decision making and informed consent process. Despite a few legal precedents, there are still too many State obstacles opposing innovative Science and Traditional non-conventional health approaches, notwithstanding some of the more enlightened judges who rule on these issues.. " We see no reason why a patient should not be allowed to make an informed decision to go outside currently approved medical methods in search of an unconventional treatment”. (Second Circuit US Court of Appeals, in the landmark “Schneider v Revici case dated 1987).

6. In order to determine what is the best standard of care, candidate Christian, if elected, will establish a new independent Health Institute in association with medical schools, public health agencies and alternative medicine institutions like Bastyr Naturopathic Universities, Oregon's college of Natural medicine and Canada's experience. Thanks to this new Institute, Washingtonians and their doctors will have the accurate and objective information and science supported standards of care they need to make the best informed and enlightened decisions for their health and well-being. This Institute will also delve into key health solutions.As a result of biomedical research the prevention, early detection and treatment of diseases such as cancer and heart disease is crucial. As governor, Christian will strengthen funding for biomedical research, and better improve the efficiency of that research by improving coordination both within government and across government/private/non-profit partnerships.

7. We also need to pass strict laws and monitoring regarding conflicts of interests between industry and physicians, between "special interests" and the common good. In this perspective, oncologists must stop receiving a substantial part of their salaries from the pharmaceutical industries. A chemo drug called avastin can cost over 20,000 dollars a month while there are many other less expensive alternatives.

8. Expanding Paid Sick Days and relief from bankruptcy caused by medical bills: Today, three-out-of-four low-wage workers have no paid sick days. Candidate Christian will strive to guarantee workers a minimum of paid sick days per year, like what is done in Europe. Likewise with a needed exemption in bankruptcy law for individuals who can prove they filed for bankruptcy because of medical expenses. This exemption will create a process that forgives and-or significantly reduces the debt and lets the individuals get back on their feet, that which will benefit both the State and the individual.

9. Innovative laws regarding the promotion of alternative birth techniques and baby education. In this legal context, i will argue before the State Legislature on the need to draft a bill to create a new license. The license to birth babies. Future parents can have babies without any education on the consequences of this sacred act, that which costs Society great sums and efforts when babies turn out handicapped or mentally dysfunctional for life. There are still too many babies abandoned, that which also creates cost for the Collectivity. Ignorance in this field is much more dangerous and costly for society than driving cars or fishing. Yet both of these activities require licenses. The work-shops and training for this social need can be done in the human rights and duties lighthouses that are projected to be built in all towns (See below). This will also created additional jobs.

10. Oregon-like dignity end of life process law and on a reform of the hospice system . The elderly too often leave Planet Earth in deplorable conditions, losing their dignity and the sacredness of the death process, including but not limited to their life-long savings to get taken care of in ways that are too often un-ethical ie. the morphine drip. For the patients who desire dieing quickly because of a genuine terminal disease and great suffering, this choice should be respected as a personal freedom. On the other hand, if the holistic health team can re-vitalize the elderly patient, with the consent of the patient, then the hospice system needs to be open to this eventuality. Hospice services need to also be more opened to holistic health regarding longevity and pain management, from aromatherapy, to massage, acupuncture and herbal medication.

11. A public education bill on the duty to teach truthful health sciences in all schools and in the Action Plan's human rights and duties light-centers, including but not limited to psycho-therapy (See below). With a concomitant curriculum on nutrition, organic gardening and holistic health for all public schools and subsidized universities. The governor will need to coordinate activities with the superintendent of public education.

The scientifically proven health and budget superiority of wholesome organic plant-based diets is completely established (See the link: "action plan substantiated and additional evidence by CLICKING HERE). This proposed Bill, if enacted and applied, would significantly lead in itself to the reduction by over 50 percent of all chronic and civilization diseases in less than four years, even if the patient maintained some animal foods. But the bulk of the diet needs to be organically grown wholesome plant based foods. The evidence is there to support this recommendation. Today, one in seven of our dollars goes into the sickness industry. Tomorrow (e.g. in four years), the candidate's Action Plan can bring this cost down to 3 dollars or under of our 7 dollars going into the health-care and health-maintaining well-ness industry.

12. A concomitant bill is needed to better protect and promote the sport and wellness industries, including but not limited to health restaurants, juice bars, organic wholesome foods and "superfoods" distribution (including, but not limited to the amazing organic raw chocolate mousse, see the the reason why and its recipe by CLICKING HERE), sun & meditation work breaks, the active promotion of additional extra large sun windows in all schools and work places (CLICK HERE FOR THE HEATH AND PRODUCTIVITY EVIDENCE) and immunity building and detoxification holistic health retreat centers. Given the popular sailboating practice in the Puget sound and elsewhere in the State, it may be possible to promote this sport as a de-stressor and sun-activator health activity. Lastly, sufficient time during lunch for proper digestion should be promoted. Ulcers and chronic stress impacts productivity.

In the perspective on the Action Plan's "Large windows and Sun breaks" this is not only important for seratonine secretion and general health, but also impacts productivity. We therefore need to enact laws that will free us form the dogma that the Sun is no good health-wise while encouraging via fiscal incentives all employers to free their workers for at least 20 minutes each sunny day (and 30 minutes for cloudy days) so that all will get his or her needed dose of natural vitamin D. (Like certain employers do in Hawaii when the big waves are out, or the Chinese with morning tai chi exercises).

On this front, it must be known that honest basic Science and epidemiology fully support the conclusion that low UVB and vitamin D is associated with several autoimmune and degenerative diseases which are particularly prevalent in Washington State, including, but limited to multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, chron’s disease, type 1 diabetes mellitus, depression, seasonal affective disorder. There is no question that the lack of sun light is a major ager and a suppressor of serotonin, that which also affects our melatonine secretions and therefore our sleep restoration patterns. Worse, more than a dozen of cancers, including breast, ovarian and colon whose incidence are high in this State, have been linked to a deficiency of the Sun and vitamin D. As teach Drs Roisen and Oz of the Oprah show, “vitamin D bolsters the ability of the guard dog P 53 gene to spot cancer cells and kill them”.

Because the evidence shows that the health of the People significantly improves with holitistic approaches and preventive and lifestyle medicine, the State health-care expenses and budget will not need to grow. On the contrary. It will diminish. As will the corresponding taxes. Washington State can be a Leader in this vital sphere.

For additional evidence on the scientific superiority of holistic health vis a vis the State's corporate medicine, please see Christian's book on "Cancer, alternative medicine, Science and the Law", BY CLICKING HERE. This study is based on a cancer malpractice jury trial wherein it was argued that "complementary and alternative medicine" (cam or holistic health) must be the new standard of care, given the weight of the scientific evidence.

For a health-care non-profit Organization ( which works in the health-care reform movement in Washington State, and which has beneficially impacted dozens of Washington hospitals, and which is supported by the progressive former physician governor of Oregon, please CLICK HERE.


The United States is on the brink of a national fiscal and retirement security crisis. Social Security has a massive unfunded liability of $12 trillion, and in 2017 the program runs into the red as benefits paid exceed contributions. Worse, the Social Security Trust Fund is full of meaningless government IOUs—there are no real assets in the “Trust Fund”. If Washington State does not lead the Nation in this realm, Washingtonians and Americans will face massive tax hikes and benefit cuts.

Moreover, there is perhaps a greater epidemic. Paralysis of political courage and innovative audacity. At the Snohomish Country Council on Agins where elected officials and the condidates where invited to listen to grievances and financial requests, nothing was mentioned about holistic health and longevity. On the contrary, there was a consensus that disability strikes earlier. A women of 47 years was there to confirm that this age is old age. Nothing could be further rom the Truth. Our bodies and metabolism can function over one hundred years old under good conditions, with few costs. Provided that we have some enlightened policies.

13. The disabled of the State will therefore be encouraged to participate self reliance holistic health and well-ness activities. Thanks to holistic health techniques, a projected 20 percent of the State's disabled will be able to get off their disability within four years, thereby saving the State and the Nation considerable funds which will be re-inserted into the prevention field. And therefy helping to free some of the dormant creative energies embedded within the disabled.

In Washington State, nearly 80 percent of caregivers (over 600,000 persons) are family members who generously give their time to their family members. However, this restraints their freedom and livelihood. As such, family caretakers will be encouraged to care for their family members via training holistic health and longevity workshps and some financial assistants for those whyo are needy.

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