Can EFT Release Physical Pain?

Can EFT Release Physical Pain?


Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as EFT, have been shown to be effective in releasing emotional and mental issues and problems. But can you use EFT to release physical problems such as pain? Many have used EFT to tackle the bigger issues they face on a day to day basis.

Pain can be based upon a reaction or memory that the body has difficulty releasing. Sometimes pain is a way of requesting assistance for some other underlying cause. No matter what the cause, using EFT to release physical pain is an easy process to try, and requires no medication, special tools, or therapies of any kind.

EFT starts by identifying a key phrase to pinpoint the problem or cause. Muscle testing is used to test the effectiveness of the phrase as well as rate the problem on a scale of 1 to 10. Writing down the phrase and rating is recommended since tapping using EFT can instantly release the problem, thereby making you question why you chose that phrase in the first place.

Once the phrase is determined and muscle testing is complete, the tapping begins. Each EFT tapping point is tapped on in succession while focusing on the key phrase. Additional muscle testing is then performed to gauge the releasing process. More tapping may be required to fully release the cause, and changes to the phrase is recommended for a more in-depth clearing.

The full EFT release process also includes some complimentary procedures that are just as easy to use as tapping. You can learn tapping in as little as a few hours through workshops or private sessions. There are also many great EFT websites and books offering suggestions and guidelines for using EFT on your own. Once you learn EFT you can use the technique for your self, your family and friends, even your pets.

Does EFT release physical pain? Maybe not in all cases, but in many it can lessen the pain, or even wipe it out altogether. This simple, quick technique is easy to learn and even easier to practice in your day to day life, making this an effective, powerful technique for the whole family.

Author Estee Taschereau is a Reiki Master, EFT Coach and Intuitive Counselor, offering sessions by phone.

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