Aloe Vera The Wonder Plant

Aloe Vera The Wonder Plant


Author: Dr Pam AP Jun

Article: It was in Israel that I heard out aloe vera. I was very impressed by this big and giant plant when I was there.

Green ooze out when I tore off part of the plant. My mom told me that this is a aloe vera plant And such plant heal cuts especially well.

Every time I had a scrape, I would simply get a fresh leaf of aloe vera and rub it on the cut. It would always heal quickly.

Aloe vera is indeed a beautiful plant, but highly impractical to grow if you just want to claim the healing ooze. The plant takes up too much space and it is not easy to grow.

This is exactly why there are so many aloe vera products today. There are the skin creams, skin lotions and nutritional supplements.

Most aloe vera products incorporate other things besides the plant extract. Aloe vera extract is extremely useful for healing, but it is even better in combination with some other elements.

I don\'t know if it was just because of my expectations or the actual aloe vera products, but the stomach problems I was feeling cleared up almost immediately. It was certainly worth remembering for next time I had stomach problems.

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